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Teff, What is it good for?

By :Teff Aus Co Admin 0 comments
Teff, What is it good for?

Teff is an ancient grain and one of the oldest plants known to cultivation. Teff grain is a tough little plant thriving in a range of difficult climates and can produce a good crop under near drought conditions. The seed can vary in colour from white through brown and is widely cultivated in Ethiopia where it is a staple in the local diet, being eaten as the fermented flat bread ‘Injera’. 

Why is teff good for me?

Teff is a small grain but packs a large punch. Teff grain is bursting with iron, calcium and group B vitamins. Teff is also loaded with resistant starch – the dietary fibre needed for maintaining great blood sugar levels and for managing body weight.

Teff grain is the only cereal to contain all eight essential amino acids which are needed for perfect health meaning it is the ideal grain for vegetarians and vegans.

On top of all this teff is also gluten free and with its unique nutty flavour makes a great replacement for wheat flour in many recipes.

Teff flour can be used to make breads, pancakes, porridge, cereal and other baked goods that use flour.   Use teff flour as a substitute in whole or in part for regular flour.

Teff seed is really versatile and easy to cook. Dry fry teff in a pan for five minutes and then soak in boiling water for five minutes (uncovered) for a slightly crunchy texture which makes a great topping for vegetables, soups or stews.

Cook 1 cup of teff in 3 cups of water for 20 minutes for a creamier texture and mix with your favourite ingredients to make a fantastic porridge.

Mix cooked teff with herbs, seeds, beans, grains or tofu to make veggie burgers. For more information please have a look at the recipes section.

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